April 27, 2009

My "Failed" Won Daily Deviation on Deviant Art!

This is my second time won Daily deviation! very happy even no prize... but this was give me energy to continue! thanks for all people who like my work!

Daily Deviation, 2009-04-27
Failed by ~chicken1985 "...Ahhh, now haven't we all felt like this at some point or another in our lives? Here, ~chicken1985 captures that feeling perfectly, & transforms it into one stunning & cartoonish piece of vector art that's (somewhat ironically) made of 100% pure win, from the funky & attractive style to the lovely color scheme , unique concept, slick "flow" of everything, & the sweet amount of de tail poured into every little weight of the world. From top to bottom, it's an astonishing & inspired Deviation that's definitely as far away from being a failure as huma nly possible!" (Suggested by *SlyDante and Featured by ^Ikue)

This is my 1st time won DD in 2008:
Daily Deviation, 2008-10-02
Kill The Fish_details version by ~chicken1985 "I love the gradients, colors, and everything on it's detail." (Suggested by *phig and Featured by ^Ikue)

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